Friday, September 9, 2011

Only know one way to post these photos. Just me and my mom are the only ones looking at this anyway right? Three weeks into school and summer seems like eons ago....EONS! We've moved into a new apt. with a bit more responsibilities, and life shows no signs of slowing down. Did you know I married a secret circus performer? Gordo is a master juggler. He juggles making me happy, studying Landscape Architecture, and recently Elders Quorum President. I'm workin hard, watering the lawn, and coming up with things to feed the two of us. I needed to make a list of what we did this summer because it seems like it's slipping from my mind quickly. Best news is summer shall visit us again.
 Hubba Hubba here's a recap:

We starting things off with a bang by Gettin Hitched...then off to Sacramento (see post below) Our fridge was covered all summer with other lovey doveys with the same great idea. Weddings galore! After our garden gathering in Orem, we headed out to Antelope Island with the Listons. Great moves and the best dance party occurred and Gabe and Ellens georgous wedding. We toured on the Conference Center Roof top Garden. Gordo celebrated his 24th birthday with buddies coming over to our place and modeling overly large shirts....only large shirts.
We bought a CSA share from the Logan Farmers Market. Our farmer brings us weekly produce clear until December. We headed on down to Moab to visit our dear friends. We ran the raging daily, ate at Milts, visited the garden and farmers market, hiked with the Davis' clan, and camped (or actually slept in the back of Cliff in the World Wide parking lot). We asked ourselves why again didn't we move down here for the summer? Oh yeah because I didn't want to share my hubby with Cataract. We made numerous trips down to Orem for some family fun. We feasted each time on mama's good cookin and had some rallying volleyball matches in the park. We accomplished the first RAW ride. A 72 mile Ride Around the Wellsvilles. This wouldn't be possible without the generosity of a pregnant Abby and her sweet ride.

We invited Jodie and Kodey on a Mayfield adventure that turned out to be them completely taking care of us. Food, shelter, and 4-wheelin fun. Bud and Liesl joined us for a day at Palisade Lake. We failed miserably at taking the Hughes rock climbing in maple Canyon. As soon as they hit the road, we found the easy climbs. Timpanogus, Logan, Salt Lake, and Jordan River temples were added to our visited list. I spent a day at Lagoon with the fam taking the kids on the whirly rides. We tore it up at Newton Dam and Clarkston behind the boat. I signed up for my first ultra race, luckily due to dangerous snow conditions it was shortened greatly. Gordo decided the morning of to run the trail with me. I attended the Wood Family Reunion at Island Park. We enjoyed great meals, turbulent tubing, Old Faithful, and bridge jumping only after the brave Henry jumped first.

The Woods gathered far and near for a family reuinion for Bud and Liesl's beautiful wedding. They'll come crawling to us, the pro's, for married advice. We were blessed that Jason's fam was able to come out and visit for awhile. We climbed up Logan Canyon, read books, went on long bike rides, made meals, and never disagreed once. Ok we resolved confrontation quickly. We ended the summer on a high note. Litereally thousands of feet up. We did the Wellsville traverse and had amazing views on either side of us.
What a grand summer, and I was thinking that I didn't want it to end, but now I can rest assured that we spent our summer wisely playing, laughing, loving. I'm ready for the next slightly chillier chapter to come.
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Jacquelyn said...

um, excuse me, i read this! and I love it! wow, what a summer! girl you are livin it up. wooooo. you guys are perfect for each other. man, you guys did it right. just play the whole first summer you are married. gee. really, so glad you guys are having fun and i'm so happy to see you happy dear friend. :) loves!

joleen said...

I'm always here too! Have you ever heard the news report "that's your world in a minute?" Cause you really recap great! xoxoxoxo jo

Aub said...

Seriously - world in a minute! I haven't really heard about your life as a married woman till now, and how action packed! Love it!

Eileen said...

My head is spinning! So happy for you guys! Lots of fun memories of the summer! We love you!

rachel said...

I totally read your blog... anyway so glad we got so spend the big wedding day with you... and a littl piece of your summer! Sure miss you!

Jenn said...

by golly, you sure know how to play! That's one thing i love about you Jess, you're always finding an adventure.
And thanks for keeping me updated, i love reading about what you've been up to.

Karen said...

You guys have so much energy..... and you do such fun things..... and thanks for posting about it all. As you can see there are lots of watchers.