Monday, April 12, 2010

Tour of Two States

Live to ride, ride to live! Gordo, Sam, and I ventured on an unforgettable scrape last weekend. The three of us set out Friday evening round 5:30 with one goal in mind...."Let's SCRAPE!" We made it to Beaver Mountain before it was dark, so we set up camp. It was a frigid night but luckily squished into a three man tent we found moments of warmth. Gordo awoke us by yelling in his sleep thinking people were stealing our scrapers. In the morning we set out and conquered two major climbs to the summit before Bear Lake. What a way to start the morning. My lungs were pumping, my heart was racing, and nothing but a grin on my face as we zoomed down to the blue blue water below. Time flew by as we made our way to Ovid Idaho. From there after a lunch break we headed up highway 36 through a tight canyon. What a marvelous sight. Cache Forest was brilliant and we all enjoyed the scenery as we passed it slowly up the steep endless up-hill. After reaching the peak elevation of 7,424 we hit that pavement so fast with 5%-6.5%-7% downhill grades! WAHOO! I loved the next rolling hills towards Mink Creek and beyond. The sun smiled upon us in Preston, and we felt as if it was cheering us on....helping us to reach our destination....Only 30 more miles left. The hardest miles were those that followed Smithfield because I knew we were so so close to home. A victory dinner ensued thanks to Gordo's mama! I loved this tour and was so proud of all of us! We did it....Accomplished something great and our bodies, snacks, and bikes were all terrific.

It's never too late

Yeah so I know that Spring Break was like a month ago, but let's re-live some of those great moments shall we. Everyone around me is finishing huge papers, working on projects, and trying to decide what to do with their lives, so a little visit back to a simpler time is necessary. Spring Break 2010 was fab...highlights...Rock Climbing, Angels Landing, Morning Scrapes and tree climbing, Mikes Condo, Yummy FOOD, A 4-Pitch CLIMB!!!!

Next for Spring Break part two...CAPITOL REEF! Why not? So, I packed up and made my way back south for some camping, exploring, bagels galore, slow driving, but good good times! WAHOO!!