Friday, September 9, 2011

Duh....we are still on our HONEYMOON

Here I go again tryin to figure out these collages. I just get so bad at updating this thing and I have fun photos that describe our adventures better then I could with words. They literally paint a picture in your mind. We went to Sacramento for our first vacation as the Mr. and Mrs. Gordo Wood Family. Over a ten hour drive flew by with Gordo at the wheel. We had delicious treats and when we weren't chatting, we listened to Arctic Drift. When we hit the summit at Lake Tahoe...SNOW! AHHH we were coming to California for warmer weather I thought. We were stopped for quite awhile because all cars required chains or 4 wheel drive. Luckily we had the big white truck.
On to Sacramento....and there we fell in love with the Mariott, Capitol Park, Towering Trees, and interesting people. Sacramento was a blast....many people questioned, "Why Sacramento?" We thought Sacramento was such a neat place and enjoyed ourselves completely. We scraped on our bikes all over the city and were right at the 200ft mark from the finish line at the Tour of California bike race. We visited the zoo, and always found something going on at Capitol Park.
We also got to visit Calaveras Big Trees State Park. Although snowy and completely drenched, you couldn't find two happier tree huggers in the world. We also visited some fun thrift stores and learned about frog jumping races in Calaveras County
Heading to San Fransisco was another day adventure. We rode across the Golden Gate Bridge on our bikes....along with 600 other people (we thought we were so original) We ate great food, felt completely lost in this huge city, and had a theft of my scraper. Not gonna get us down though. With one bike and miles away from our parked truck across the bridge, we settled for a scenic tour on top a convertible bus.
We also ended our trip by helping at the state Tree Climbing Competition. The two of us helped all the little kiddies climb a small tree. Talk about exhausted...yeah-we'll wait awhile.
Sure love this boy and sure am glad to have all the rest of my adventures with you Gordo Wood
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Ryan and Betsy Stromberg said...

Jess you are the cutest ever! I'm so excited for you guys and can't wait to hear about all your married adventures:) Sounds like you guys had a blast! miss ya;)

Eileen said...

Love all your pictures! Those really are huge trees!