Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wake up to a mini-tri

Woke up Sat. morn,
called Gordo on the phone
Said, "hey I wanna do this tri."
"I'll do it too." was his reply
He got outta bed and forgot to brush his teeth
Better believe I still gave him a kiss, good grief
350 meters in the pool
Back stroakin', gaspin', borrowed googles for the fool
changed into my skirt and headed for a scrape
4 miles I rode, but my tires never left the street
On to the track is where my jello legs went
Pumpin up the jams round 12 times before I was spent
Crossed that finish line and finished 4th of the girls
Gordo followed right behind and thankfully no hurls
Our hearts where happy and our faces white
But for wakin up just that mornin I think we did alright!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rent the Best

Beaver Creek Lodge, this is Jessie.....

I have the priviledge of working up beautiful Logan Canyon at Beaver Creek Lodge. I rent out 2011 ski.doo's and help peeps that are staying here at the Lodge. A few weeks ago my boss said it was time for me to get a better idea on what I was trying to sell over the phone.

Gordo and I got to be on TV for a total of 30 seconds.(autographs to be signed later), and then we hit the trail for an adventure ride to St. Charles in Idaho. The trails pick up right from the lodge, so that's why this is the ideal spot to put a lodge! We got to wear top notch Klim gear and felt radicle.

Snowmobiling is much tougher then I anticipated. You gotta get your whole body involved! Moving from side to side and careful, don't get scared now...climbin up those hills! I had such a great time laughing as Gordo got stuck in some trees. He really started sweatin digging himself outta that TREE WELL! That's real snowmobiling though-trying hard stuff, getting, stuck, and having a ball!

We stopped at Minetonka cafe and had one of the best Burgers of all time! Relaxed and then jetted on back to the lodge. It seemed easier on the way back. What a pretty way to see the great outdoors. The snow was phenomonal, the machines were stellar, and getting to ride with Gordo was a blast! Sure loved this adventure!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Flabbergasted Guardian Drop-in

First things first, my parents are the best in the whole wide world. I'm sure there are some pretty good parents out there, but sorry mine take the cake! The double decker dark chocolate with carmel and lots of frosting...oh and sprinkles CAKE! Yesterday they suprised me and drove up to Logan just to visit their silly daughter for less then an hour! They didn't inform me that they would be in the area, so I was at church without my phone when they arrived. Apparently Papa Woods searched the entire city for singles wards trying to find me. Well, they parked outside my apt. and waited in the cold for an hour. I hopped out of my friends car and gotten a sudden whistle from someone on the street. There in front of me was my cute papa in his nice suite with pocketwatch attached. Mama Woods was waiting in the car...ahhh what cuties. We baked cookies, played Blink, and chatted. Then just like the card game...they were gone. I sure appreciate that they would take the time and effort to see me for only a quick bit. I loved every minute and I'm so grateful for me padres!