Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I did it...can you even believe it? Me graduating from Utah State University. When I look back to graduating high school I never expected this. First of all, when I entered Snow College's doors, I had full intentions of going on to nursing! Blah!! Remember how I don't like seeing people sick and I dislike strongly the sight of blood, guts, and body fluids? During our CNA practicals at the old folks home I would cry the night before 'cause I didn't want to go. So with a break, some money, and taking a landscape job for the summer....WHALLAA a major and new town was decided. Logan has been so good to me, and I have lived away from 'ole Orem for a solid 2.5 years. Now look at me...College grad with a degree in HORTICULTURE! Yes, I usually have to repeat myself to others and many have no idea what that is, which makes me feel even smarter! I love what I do and I love that the learning doesn't stop here. Anywhere I go in the world has agriculture-new plants-new methods-GREEN GOODNESS! I wouldn't be here if it weren't for some important peeps. Let me give a shout out-Jason, for employing me as an installer especially during Christmas breaks to help save some money, Jo Jo for being the first grad in the family and paving the way. Jenn-for also helping me find a job and creating a budget plan. Jodie and Kodey-they helped more then ever when I was struggling to make ends meet! Buster-for being a great little writer on his mission to help me get through rough tests. Last but not least, my padres for supporting me all the time through my crazy ideas...They were so great to come visit frigid Logan, send holiday packages, and make sure I was doing alright! I wouldn't have been graduated had it not been for these life savers! LOVE LOVE LOVE YA!