Sunday, October 2, 2011

13 inches later

So you didn't think I had the guts....huh. Well, sure showed you! The colors are changing, the seasons are changing, might as well change a little bit right with it. I left one little rat tail to mix things up. I can braid it, put it in a pony tail, leave it down. Still tons of options. FUN!


 I was invited to complete a year goal of hiking Timp with Jo Jo & some of her friends. We took off round 5 a.m. from the trailhead and made our way up the amazing trail. The flowers were blooming, the mtn. goats were present, and the girls had so much fun!!

 Still plenty of glacier ice was on the trail. I wish we all had those sweet poles
 So glad CAMJAM came along, she may be petite, but man she showed no signs of slowing down on the steep parts

 Top of the world lookin down on creation!
OK sliding down the glacier...usually a great fun activity right? Well when there's a tremendous snow year and there are no signs of previous sliders....maybe not such a great idea. I tested it out-couldn't even scream, but made it down zippy fast and stopped in time to's too dangerous, GO AROUND! Did Jo and Camie heed? No way they want the highroad or no road. Down they came!

We look pretty good escaping death by only having little bruised bums!


3 States 206 Miles 1 Day

We came, we rode, we conquered.

Hard time keeping up with Gordon

 Those Tough boys did all the hard climbs

 Gordo & I were a team and Wil and Gordon were a team meaning we'd see each other at the switch points. This was so so fun and I'd love to do it a 2-man relay! (not sure I've got the guts to do the whole thing)