Friday, September 24, 2010

not computer savvy

Posted by PicasaSo I couldn't figure out how to make this collage go larger in that previous blog, but it seems to wanna work if it's all by itself. Funny

Ahoy, we be runnin

Arrrggg! Me matey Gordo and I decided to walk the plank and run the Top of Utah Marathon. We had a swashbuckling time dressed as pirates! Carrying swords the whole time, we arrgged, told pirate jokes, and ran our booty's off.

I was so proud of my buccaneer! Our bodies were strong and we jaunted across that finish line amid yo-ho's and hooray's. We made great time at a whopping 4:07!
Gordo's wee nephew supported us by playing the role of youngest boy aboard ship. This is the only way to run a marathon! I don't know how normal folk can run 26.2 miles in regular clothes...bah!

Monday, September 13, 2010

MoSu 2010

In other words...Moab Summer 2010!
I woke up last week and for the first time all summer I was cold. I then realized, wowzers it's September already....AUTUMN! I decided to show a bit about my amazing summer. I was able to do more this summer then any before. I've lived here in Grand County since May 9th in trailer #12. I live with Kerri and we have a ball together!
I have had so many adventures. I'm surprised I still have feet 'cause a large part of my summer was spent on the trail. Moab Rim, Corona Arch, The Portal, MaryJane Canyon, Hidden Valley, running in Negro Bill Canyon to name a few. I explored 2 National Parks-Arches (4 times) and backpacked in Canyonlands.The La Sals are less then a half an hour away, so cool off adventures occurred frequently there. It is a sweet climbing spot with few marked routes-good luck. There are great hikes and fun lakes I visited.
Being the luckiest girl ever I was blessed to go down the river a boatful of times including overnighters in big boats, duckies, kayak, a dory, the Sevylor, Mr. Green Turtle, and an amazing Cataract Canyon trip. Thanks to Gordo and the Hazletts for hooking me up.
I work at the Youth Garden Project and was able this summer to grow plants, weed a bunch, harvest plants I've never heard of, work in the kitchen, and play with the kiddies...ahhh! I became an active member of the community down here thanks to my job-doing Farmer's Market, Weed 'n feeds, Farm Day, and played with the summer campers. The community down here is varied and full of interesting, different peeps.

Cooking Fun-made jam, pesto, granola, scones, peasant bread, lavender bars, eggplant lasagna, and many more goodies
Summer Novels-Eat, Love, Pray. Lord of the Flies. To Kill a Mockingbird. Cats Cradle. Of Mice and Men. (I guess our high school didn't receive the recommended reading list) I just started Born to run-fitting since I'm running the Top of Utah Marathon this weekend
Visitors-Kirsten Lindstrum, Ashley Ruth Linford, Mama & Papa Woods, Buster (2X's), and the Liston's

Many more exciting adventures developed not in Moab this summer. We had a marvelous Woods Family Reunion 2010 including swimming, campin in the backyard, and a day on the lake. Gordo and I reached two high summits-Mt. Timpanogus and Mt. Peale (the second highest peak in Utah). I got up Slalom skiing, went on motoscrapes, and harvested honey from those sweet bees up in Logan.

It was a summer of growing! I grew food, made new friends (our small branch is the BEST! Funny odd balls, but we are all we've got), grew to love that sweet Gordo even more, and learned more about myself and how to be happy. With Gordo gone on long trips, my little heart would hurt sometimes, in return I am a stronger, better, more tan Jessie!
I love living in this beautiful place! I'm surrounded by beauty and adventures everywhere. I'm finding out everyday that I'm blessed to be able to stay here until November. Cheers to Moab and to More Outstanding Adventures Before me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tour of Two States

Live to ride, ride to live! Gordo, Sam, and I ventured on an unforgettable scrape last weekend. The three of us set out Friday evening round 5:30 with one goal in mind...."Let's SCRAPE!" We made it to Beaver Mountain before it was dark, so we set up camp. It was a frigid night but luckily squished into a three man tent we found moments of warmth. Gordo awoke us by yelling in his sleep thinking people were stealing our scrapers. In the morning we set out and conquered two major climbs to the summit before Bear Lake. What a way to start the morning. My lungs were pumping, my heart was racing, and nothing but a grin on my face as we zoomed down to the blue blue water below. Time flew by as we made our way to Ovid Idaho. From there after a lunch break we headed up highway 36 through a tight canyon. What a marvelous sight. Cache Forest was brilliant and we all enjoyed the scenery as we passed it slowly up the steep endless up-hill. After reaching the peak elevation of 7,424 we hit that pavement so fast with 5%-6.5%-7% downhill grades! WAHOO! I loved the next rolling hills towards Mink Creek and beyond. The sun smiled upon us in Preston, and we felt as if it was cheering us on....helping us to reach our destination....Only 30 more miles left. The hardest miles were those that followed Smithfield because I knew we were so so close to home. A victory dinner ensued thanks to Gordo's mama! I loved this tour and was so proud of all of us! We did it....Accomplished something great and our bodies, snacks, and bikes were all terrific.

It's never too late

Yeah so I know that Spring Break was like a month ago, but let's re-live some of those great moments shall we. Everyone around me is finishing huge papers, working on projects, and trying to decide what to do with their lives, so a little visit back to a simpler time is necessary. Spring Break 2010 was fab...highlights...Rock Climbing, Angels Landing, Morning Scrapes and tree climbing, Mikes Condo, Yummy FOOD, A 4-Pitch CLIMB!!!!

Next for Spring Break part two...CAPITOL REEF! Why not? So, I packed up and made my way back south for some camping, exploring, bagels galore, slow driving, but good good times! WAHOO!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Walkin on Sunshine

Samuel Abbott, Daniel Riding, and I walked out of the peanut butter house with a dream and a cardigan. The safely reach Brigham City that evening on foot. Off we ventured at 3:45 making our way towards main street. Introductory conversation began by dream telling followed by us finding our first treasure....$3.95 just lying on the side of the highway.

The stretch from my house to the mouth of the canyon seemed the longest! Although suprise visitors, Sam's brother, and Valentines Cupid himself, Eric lifted our spirits!

Once in the canyon, time seemed to fly, at a slow pace that is. We were pulled over in the canyon 3 times. Both officers were pleasant, kind, and confused at why were were walking to Brigham. (#2 and #3 were the same officer) We snacked on the yummiest treats called sour worms, lemonheads, and WONDERFUL GUMMI BEARS

Around 11:00 p.m. we made it to the Brigham City Exit. An hour earlier then we expected! Cheers to us and our tough bodies! We camped in a church parking lot after eating our weight at Betos. The boys continued on the journey to SLC that morning and completed what they set out to do on Sunday Evening! CHEERS!

Topics of conversation: Dreams, trees, girls, boys, church, songs, life, fun, good times, hard! AHHH I really do love the both of you!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If at first you don't succeed, ski ski again

Three cheers for the Beav
for borrowing fancy skis
not hitting any trees
falling only once upon my knees
clean air so as not to wheeze
sailin down D street with ease
My heart all full of Glee

A little more snow now won't you please??