Monday, November 10, 2008

Get on Your Bikes and Ride

Bicycle races are coming your way so look for those beauties oh yeah! You can't stop the free spirit and the Diamondback! So, Elliott and I had a goal to ride our bikes to SLC since April. Why we waited till November....who knows.

We completed our 92 mile ride from Logan, Utah on the morning of the 8th around 7:00 a.m. We decided to go the Tremonton way which included 13 extra miles, foggy roads, lots of D.T.'s (dead things), frost in our hair, and a glorious over look!

Our adventure took us Southbound; peddling around small towns, unbusy streets, lots and lots of hills, and through the neverending drag of DUMB OGDEN! That place went on forever! Taking only a short scrumptious apple break, and lunch at Costa Vida (that we quickly scarffed down), we arrived in glorious SLC in a bit over 9 hours! Oh, the wonderful sightings of the capitol building, and Beck street never looked so good!! Besides sore knees and tired legs, we had no problems except for one small incident including a trip down the on ramp of 1-15! Who knew that 89 turned into the freeway??

Our bikes were victorious and my free spirit kept my legs a turning! I'm so glad we made it!!! Especially I'm greatful to Holly Jo for taking care of me afterwards and Cody Bell for giving me a ride back to Logan. My bum couldn't take any more! Finally thought, WE DID IT!! Cheers....