Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Walkin on Sunshine

Samuel Abbott, Daniel Riding, and I walked out of the peanut butter house with a dream and a cardigan. The safely reach Brigham City that evening on foot. Off we ventured at 3:45 making our way towards main street. Introductory conversation began by dream telling followed by us finding our first treasure....$3.95 just lying on the side of the highway.

The stretch from my house to the mouth of the canyon seemed the longest! Although suprise visitors, Sam's brother, and Valentines Cupid himself, Eric lifted our spirits!

Once in the canyon, time seemed to fly, at a slow pace that is. We were pulled over in the canyon 3 times. Both officers were pleasant, kind, and confused at why were were walking to Brigham. (#2 and #3 were the same officer) We snacked on the yummiest treats called sour worms, lemonheads, and WONDERFUL GUMMI BEARS

Around 11:00 p.m. we made it to the Brigham City Exit. An hour earlier then we expected! Cheers to us and our tough bodies! We camped in a church parking lot after eating our weight at Betos. The boys continued on the journey to SLC that morning and completed what they set out to do on Sunday Evening! CHEERS!

Topics of conversation: Dreams, trees, girls, boys, church, songs, life, fun, good times, hard! AHHH I really do love the both of you!